CrystalFlex – CLEAR – 1.75mm

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Another great feature about Crystal Flex™ is its resilience and bendability. Crystal Flex™ is a very tough material and has a shore hardness of D65, which enables this filament to being bent up to 175% without causing white stress marks after bending.

Crystal Flex™ has a high interlayer adhesion, making it a really wonderful and easy-to-print filament. Crystal Flex™’s thermal stability is comparable with that of PLA (65° – 70°C).

Crystal Flex™’s water absorption is only 30% of that of ABS, meaning that there will be less evaporation and therefore prints are less likely to warp.

Crystal Flex™ sticks well to ABS and PLA, which makes this 3D printer filament also suitable for multi-material prints! However, do keep in mind that Crystal Flex™ gets crumbly from Acetone. So it is recommended not to smooth your ABS/Crystal Flex™ multi-material prints afterwards with Acetone.

Crystal Flex™’s unique set of characteristics with respect to its high impact resistance, light emission and flexibility enables a whole new field of application for FFF/FDM desktop 3D printers. Crystal Flex™’s bendability and high impact strength allow the material being used for instance for hinges and other mechanical parts to be built into other, firmer and inflexible parts. The combination of being flexible and resilient make Crystal Flex™ also very suitable for creating belts and straps.

Basically Crystal Flex™ will come in handy for any object requiring flexibility, resilience, or light emission.
Crystal Flex™ is Food Safe

Crystal Flex™ is soluble in brake cleaner. 

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